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Real Estate Lead Generation and Marketing

  • Is your web site not generating enough leads?

  • Does your site look great - but there are not a lot of enquiries?

  • Are you getting your share of all the leads the web can provide?

  • Do you need a proven - time tested program that works?

Here's some facts - the majority of real estate web sites are designed wrong and the techniques used by most agents to work with real estate web leads don't work. Why? Because Internet leads are people in a different stage of the buying process and have to be incubated in a different way than the person that walks in off the street.

Put yourself in your clients shoes. Let's say that you decided to want a new car - what's the first thing you do? Do you say to yourself "OK - the first thing I have to do is find a car salesperson". No! The first thing you probably would do is gathering information on different makes and models, thinking about what options you want, etc. After you kind of know that and you are ready to buy is when you take a trip to the car lot and then meet the salesperson.

Real estate web leads are the same. Close to 90% of people start their real estate search on the web. Do thy start their search looking for a real estate agent or do they start looking for information, areas, prices etc? The key to s successful real estate lead generating web site is to give the people what they are looking for and most sites just don't do that. People are looking for big flashy pictures or big smiling faces. People are looking for real estate information and the best way to generate leads is to give them as many ways possible to do that.

We can help! We have been successfully helping real estate professionals across North America with their lead generation for over 12 years! Our web sites and systems are designed to make you more money in less time - a bold statement that you probably have heard before but a goal we can help you achieve.

What We Can Provide:

  • A personalized web site designed to generate you leads!

  • Alternate landing pages to further capture the type of leads you are looking for!

  • Training in how to cultivate those leads!

  • Setting up an online data base where your leads are entered automatically - saving you time

  • Setting up automatic follow up systems that are designed to make you look like the area expert

  • Search engine marketing plan that will get you to the 1st page at the least possible cost

  • Search engine optimization program for the best organic search placement

  • Mentoring and role play on a regular basis to guide you to success

Further Training:

  • How to properly write ads that generate more callsreal estate success

  • How to handle those calls to achieve the greatest success ratio

  • How to properly do office duty

  • How to properly follow up with your clients that makes you the area expert

  • A FSBO program where they come to you to list

  • How to do a listing presentation that knocks out the competition and lists you more homes

  • Techniques on how to develop rapport with new clients as quickly as possible

The system is designed to generate you business! It is not rocket science! It does not take months of training! Anyone can be successful if they follow this program - a program that is trains you in being the best resource for quality real estate information in your area.

The systems are designed to make the follow up work as automated as possible so you are free to spend more time face to face with motivated clients as well as more time at home with your family.

Is it Hard To Follow? No! - Does it Work? Yes!

We will set up systems to supply you with a steady supply of leads and then teach you how to cultivate those leads to completion. This systems works for new agents and experienced agents alike.

Do you have to take the whole package? No. Just looking for more real estate leads? No problem. Just looking for a web site that is designed to generate more business? We can help. Looking for total internet market domination and a complete system in incubating those real estate web leads? We can help with that to. Giving a price is hard. It's like asking how much a car is worth. It depends on a lot of things.

If you are interested in more information or a free - no obligation phone conversation with Bernie Ehman, the owner of RealtyService.com, just click on the button below. Tell us your needs and we will customize a plan that fits within your budget.

No Sales Tricks and No Pressure! We'll Help You Achieve Your Real Estate Goals.

Here's what some of our clients have to say:

Sales Representative

"I first talked with Bernie when I was only 2 months into real estate. I was green and did not know the best ways to advance my career. I can only say that his mentoring helped me immensely and his web site generates me a constant supply of potential clients.

His mentoring taught me ways of generating business that I would never have even thought of. My favorite is when he showed me how to best do office duty.  It was such a simple technique and it worked for me the first time I tried it. I use that and other techniques to this day and I am proud to say that I was in the top ten agents for sales in January and March 2012 out of over 100 agents.

All I can say is that I am glad that I found RealtyService.com and tried Bernie’s training systems. “

Pat Eva
Managing Broker

"I have used Cyberspace Ventures for my lead generation company for the last 10 years. It is phenomenal! I received so many quality leads I started sharing them with agents in my office and getting a referral fee.

My plan is to continue with the lead generation and when I retire I will still have an income from referral fees.

The staff at Cyberspace Ventures has been very accommodating and eager to make sure you are always happy with the service.

You have to try it, Bernie is great to work with and he keeps those leads coming in. Great Job! Every Day, quality leads, what more could you ask for?"

Roger Beck
Sales Associate

“I have been using Cyberspace Ventures Inc. for the past 6 years. They have provided me with a great source of quality leads that I easily turn into sales. The system is very well thought out and easy to incorporate into an established business or for new REALTORS starting out.

Cyberspace Ventures gave me the kick start I needed to establish my business and it was easy to use. They are always there to answer any questions and each year they have been a significant part of my total income. I would recommend Cyberspace Ventures to any one who is looking at increasing their business.”

Regency Property Mgmt
Regency Property Mgmt & Real Estate

"About three years ago, our company wanted to incorporate a web page into our business, but didn't know where to begin. After a brief phone meeting with Bernie Ehman at Cyberspace Ventures to discuss the general format, and sending him some specific company information, Bernie designed a web page and marketing program that was second to none.

His marketing systems sent us more clients! We received many positive comments and compliments from various clients about the user-friendliness and practicality of our new web page. It clearly took our business from a 3-person operation to a 10-person payroll, and gave our business the professional look it needed. I can’t even imagine trying to run a property management company without being able to provide visual advertising to potential tenants. It is our greatest aid to attract the serious clients and tenants and to reduce the number of phone calls that are just looking for general information.

Bernie has always been available to answer any questions that we have had, or to modify any requests or changes - usually within hours (or less) of calling.

Cyberspace Ventures Inc. has been nothing short of excellent with their service and professionalism. I would highly recommend them."